Rural Water Billing

Rural Water Billing is a game changer. What if your water and wastewater utility billing calculations could be easily combined with the most popular accounting system in the industry? Well that would be Rural Water Billing. Simply explained we have built a small add-on module that applies your custom billing calculations to automatically generate customer invoices within Quickbooks. Once the invoice and customer liability is created within Quickbooks your accounts receivable and accounting processes continue easily with all the robust and feature filled power of Quickbooks.

Rural Water Billing features include:

  • Flat and multi-tiered billing structures
  • Easily import meter readings
  • Multiple items on one invoice: water, wastewater, trash, etc.
  • Print invoices from Quickbooks or custom from Rural Water BillingTM
  • Postcard invoice size available
  • Customer account work orders and correspondence tracking

Rural Water is looking for a few systems to Beta test and perfect the software for your needs. Oh, did we mention, the price will be hands down better than anything else on the market, guaranteed. Review the End User License Agreement.

Contact us for more information.