Build Your Free Utility Website

Consumers find your utility website

The GoH2O website builder is simple and powerful, and we are here to help.

First, Login to your account, Register a new utility website, Reset your password, Return to your homepage, or Visit your old website.

  • Choose your login name carefully because it will be your website address.
  • For example, choose login name “YTMA” for “Your Town MA“.
  • Your website address will then be and
  • Your CCR address will be and
  • Your payment address will be and
  • Return to these instructions to Login and remember the features.

Then begin your five-minute account setup. Click Profile from the top right and edit your profile.

  • Edit your basic Utility information.
  • Edit your Homepage and banner preferences.
  • Edit your Website CCR, Payment Gateway, and Public Notification links.
  • Contact Rural Water to establish a Payment Gateway and Public Notification service.
  • Upload your custom banner image for an even better looking website.
  • Upload your custom page rotator images for an awesome website.

Continue building your website. Again click profile from the top right to create posts or pages.

  • Create new custom pages with the powerful Gutenberg editor.
  • Review the Gutenberg Tutorial to learn even more powerful features.
  • Within the editor use GoH2O Settings on the right sidebar to link your posts to your menus.
  • Menu options include the Main, Sidebar, Homepage, and Image Rotator menus.
  • Click Edit from the top right to edit the current page or edit all pages from your Profile.
  • Upload eye-catching images and files for download for a full-featured website.
  • Check out the Water Boy Demo for more ideas.

Contact us for further help.