Coalition: Galeton Borough

15 West Street Galeton PA 16922
Phone: 814-435-2275
Office hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Authority Members 

Tony Adami – Chairman

George Bowen – Vice Chairman 

Rob Pflug 

BJ Lowther

Joe Cimino


Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Borough Office.

Office contact is: Trixie Blass – Secretary

Water Operator - Joe Cimino

Sewer Operator - Tom Smith

Alternate - Vince Bowen


The system is owned by the Galeton Borough Authority. It is operated and managed by the Borough of Galeton whose council members are:      

Joe Petrencsik – President

Doug Droppa – Vice President

Rob Pflug

Denise Dean

Joe Petrencsik

DJ Fuller

Ron Tarabori




PAYMENT OPTIONS accepted are cash, check or money order. Payments can be mailed, dropped off at the office during business hours or left in the payment drop box outside. (Note: we recommend you do NOT place cash payments in the outside drop box.) Payment can also be set up for automatic withdrawal from your bank account


NEW CONNECTION PROCEDURES    All new service connections require a permit issued prior to construction accompanied by a connection fee of $250.00 for water and $250.00 for sewer. Authority personnel will tap the existing water and sewer lines, install a curb stop and meter. Property owners are responsible for installing the service lines between the main and the dwelling unit.


INTERRUPTIONS IN SERVICE   Occasionally it is necessary to interrupt service for maintenance, repairs, etc. We will make every effort to notify you in advance of any scheduled interruptions to your service. Should an emergency arise that would require your service to be interrupted without notification, the crew will be working diligently to restore service as quickly as possible. If the quality of your water is affected, you will be notified of the proper safety procedures.


PUBLIC NOTIFICATIONS   In the event of a situation that may make the water unsafe, public notification will be advertised on the radio, posted publicly in the community and posted here. You will receive information regarding the nature of the problem, instructions for protecting yourself if necessary and what is being done to correct the problem.


CONFIDENCE REPORT   All community water suppliers are required to provide its customers with an annual report on the quality of drinking water being delivered. You may access the report here. If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact the office at 814-435-2275.

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