Rouseville Water System Rehabilitation

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In 2018, The Borough began looking at options for our aging Water system. Our current water Treatment plant was built in 1937 and has had few improvements over the last 84 years. But it was determined after working with our Engineer and the Pennsylvania DEP that our plant is past its useful life cycle.

The Borough began the process of applying for funding through the USDA. After many months of planning and extensive paperwork we have been awarded almost $1,500,000 in funding to repair and replace our aging plant and other key components of our system. We were awarded $618,000 in Federal grant money and $882,000 in a low interest loan.

Currently we our in the preliminary design phase for the project. The project is to include reconstruction of the Water Treatment plant in the Village of Plumer, Rehabilitation of our Spring and Well site, cleaning and painting of our 96,000 Water Storage Tank located at the top of Third Street, replacement of 300 feet of water line on the lower half of Locust Street and replacement of all water meters in every home and business in the Borough. We hope to begin the water meter replacement this summer. The new water meters will be all remote radio read. This will greatly reduce the amount of time in reading meters and save time on the billing while providing our customers with up to date meters.

Our water system is pretty unique, The majority of our water is provided by a spring in the Village of Plumer. This spring has been used to supply water since 1919.  In 1937 the treatment plant was constructed about 1 mile from the spring site. Since that time, two wells were drilled at the spring site to aid in the dry season and another behind the Water Treatment Plant to aid in fire protection and for backup. The only chemicals added are for disinfection and corrosion control. PH and filtering are controlled by filtering through a 30,000 gallon chamber filled with limestone. The entire system is gravity fed through 4.5 miles of 8 inch water line from Plumer to Rouseville with 110 psi of pressure to the intersection of Route 8 and 227. 

If you have any questions at all about our project or our water system please feel free to contact us.