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Pool Fill Credit

The Porter-Tower Joint Municipal Authority Swimming Pool fill Policy.

PTJMA "MUST" be notified prior to start of filling.

  You must record the water meter reading at the start of the fill and then at the end of the fill. Multiple start and stops for the same fill cycle will require a start and stop reading each time which can be added together. Readings must be turned into the PTJMA Office in order to receive a credit.

  Credits will only be given on water used over 2,000 gallons per pool fill event at $9.37 per thousand gallons used. Example: if the pool takes 5,000 gallons then credit will be issued for 3,000 gallons or $28.11 [5,000-2,000=3,000] 3 x $9.37=$28.11

  Topping off a pool will not be counted for credits unless more than 2,000 gallons of water is used. Multiple topping offs during the summer cannot be added together.

For questions call our office at 717-647-9213