The Elizabethville Area Authority is asking customers to be mindful of water usage/consumption. During this extended dry period, excess water usage could impact the water supply.  By limiting activities such as watering grass, washing vehicles, watering flowers, and filling swimming pools could greatly help preserve the water supply for the community.  



The Elizabethville Area Authority has been serving sewer customers in the Borough of Elizabethville since 1968. Our collection system has since then expanded into Washington Township on both the east and west sides of the Borough. The original wastewater treatment plant was built in 1968, expanded in 1975, then taken off-line in 2002 when the Authority built a new Aqua-Aerobics SBR wastewater treatment facility under a DEP consent order. The SBR facility is currently at about 50% capacity, so there is plenty of room growth in the area. In Summer of 2014, the plant will be undergoing a small upgrade to comply with the Chesapeake Bay Strategy from EPA; this will be paid for, in part, with grant money from the Dauphin County Gaming Commission.

The Authority purchased the water company from private investors in 1991. After purchasing the water company, the Authority made many necessary improvements. The finished water reservoir was covered with a new steel building, two new wells were drilled and the spring catch basins were taken off-line, all were DEP requirements. The Authority drilled another well in 1998 to supplement the other 4 wells being used. The treatment of the raw well water is simply chemical addition for pH adjustment, corrosion control and disinfection. The distribution system also had many upgrades. The Authority has installed 2,000 feet of 6 inch pipe, 12,100 feet of 8 inch pipe and 7,200 feet of 12 inch pipe throughout the system. Of the 21,300 feet of pipe installed, 12,300 feet was replacing deteriorated water mains from the early 1900's and 9,000 feet was new water main, extending our service area. In Summer of 2014, the Authority plans to replace 1,000 feet of 4 inch pipe with new 8 inch water main; this will be paid for with grant money from Dauphin County Economic Development.


Elizabethville Area Authority

4154 North Route 225

Elizabethville, PA 17023

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The Authority Board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month (January - October) and the 3rd Wednesday of each month (November & December) at 7:00pm in the Elizabethville Borough Building located at 68 S Moore St, Elizabethville, PA 17023.  Meetings are open to the Public.